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Best Time to Visit

Discover the Ideal Season for Your

Tanzania Adventure

Tanzania offers incredible experiences year-round, but the best time to visit depends on your interests! Here’s a breakdown:

Wildlife Safaris

The dry season (June-Oct) is ideal. Expect clear skies and animals gathered around water sources making for easy viewing. Be aware of crowds during this peak season.

Great Migration

Timing is crucial! Witness calving season (Jan-March) in the south, or river crossings (June-July) further north. For dedicated migration viewing, consult with experts to track the herds’ location.

Birding Paradise

The short rains (Dec-March) attract diverse birdlife and offer lush scenery.

Zanzibar Beaches

Enjoy ideal conditions June-Nov (drier), or Dec-Jan (warmer with less predictable rain). Warm waters and sunshine prevail year-round.

Mount Kilimanjaro

While climbs are possible year-round, July-Oct is considered best. Be prepared for freezing temperatures at higher altitudes.

Beyond the “Best”

Tanzania is rewarding any time! Consider shoulder seasons (April-May, Nov) for fewer crowds and potentially lower prices.

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