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and Responsible Travel

Our Commitment to Responsible Travel​​

Giving back with “Ubuntu for Change”​

Safari365 Responsible Travel Logo

At Safari365, we are committed to promoting sustainable and responsible travel. We support local communities and wildlife conservation efforts. In 2016, we launched our “Ubuntu for Change” initiative, driven by our commitment to these values.

Ubuntu, a Xhosa term, signifies a universal bond of sharing that unites humanity.

Furthermore, we aim to aid various charitable causes, focusing on education, health, social welfare, conservation, and wildlife protection.

Additionally, we collaborate with local partners to identify impactful organisations in the areas we visit. We contribute to these groups to support their valuable work.

Seedballs Kenya

Seedballs Kenya is revolutionising reforestation across Africa’s degraded landscapes with their innovative, cost-effective seedballs. These seedballs, loaded with native seeds from the Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI), ensure purity and natural origin. Designed for easy dispersal, they significantly facilitate reforestation efforts, even in remote areas.

Moreover, the seedballs promote the development of stronger roots and trees, primarily targeting lands impacted by extensive human activities. Consequently, this approach naturally restores native tree species, rejuvenating the ecosystem sustainably.

Furthermore, founded in 2016 by Teddy Kinyanjui, a committed conservationist from Kenya, and Elsen Karstad, a Canadian engineer and marketer with a passion for ecology, Seedballs Kenya represents a powerful collaboration. Together, they have successfully distributed over 41.95 million seedballs, significantly aiding forest regeneration and contributing to environmental health.


Eco Children, a non-profit organisation established by Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, is dedicated to hands-on environmental education and improving school infrastructure. Operating across the northeastern provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga in South Africa, Eco Children tackles crucial social and environmental challenges.

Additionally, focused on fostering environmental consciousness, the organization strives to enhance educational settings and elevate the environmental knowledge of local youth. Consequently, these initiatives are crucial for promoting conservation efforts and driving economic growth in South Africa, ultimately aiming to prepare young minds for a sustainable future.

Partners In

Responsible Travel


Chem Chem Lodge

Chem Chem Safari Lodge is a beacon of responsible travel committed to supporting local communities, sustainable development, and wildlife conservation. Located between Tarangire National Park and Lake Manyara in Tanzania, the lodge offers a luxurious blend of conservation and cultural immersion, providing access to some of the country’s top wildlife habitats.

At Chem Chem Safari Lodge, community support spans various initiatives. The lodge runs educational programs to boost awareness of wildlife conservation and its benefits, fostering environmental stewardship. It also supports the creation and growth of mutual savings banks, enhancing financial services for low-income households to aid in saving, accessing credit, and starting income-generating activities.

Furthermore, Chem Chem Lodge commits to improving education by supporting the construction and maintenance of school facilities, donating educational materials, and providing scholarships to promising students. In health care, the lodge helps donate essential items like wheelchairs and other mobility aids, improving life quality for community members.


Simbavati Hilltop Lodge

Founded in 1956 by conservation-minded landowners, Timbavati Private Nature Reserve is a pillar of responsible travel. Dedicated to preserving its once-pristine wilderness, Timbavati focuses on maintaining biodiversity and conducting varied research initiatives.

Staying at Timbavati means guests directly contribute to wildlife conservation. The Conservation Levy from each night supports reserve operations, with 10% aiding the Timbavati Foundation’s focus on conservation and environmental awareness. Hilltop Lodge, designed for minimal environmental impact, can be dismantled without harming the landscape.

Timbavati actively supports anti-poaching units to protect rhinos, elephants, and other endangered species. These units play a crucial role in combating illegal hunting and preserving wildlife. Additionally, the lodge engages in wildlife monitoring and research, collecting essential data for conservation strategies. Efforts also include restoring and maintaining the natural habitat, managing invasive species, and sustaining vital water sources.


Shamwari Private Game Reserve

Shamwari Private Game Reserve is a leader in responsible travel, renowned for its eco-friendly practices and commitment to sustainability. As a proud member of Fair Trade Tourism certification, Shamwari offers a luxury safari experience that supports wildlife preservation and promotes sustainability.

At Shamwari, the focus is on eco-friendly initiatives. The reserve has a large herb garden, which produces various herbs and vegetables like cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and salad leaves to supply the lodges. This effort supports their Food & Beverage department and reduces their carbon footprint.

Additionally, Shamwari features herb and veggie gardens at its lodges, allowing staff to pick fresh herbs daily. This practice demonstrates Shamwari’s commitment to using and nurturing natural resources.

The lodges at Shamwari are constructed with sustainable materials and designed to blend with the environment. They provide eco-friendly toiletries and minimize single-use plastics.

Shamwari’s dedication to minimizing environmental impact extends to energy use. The reserve utilizes solar power and other renewable energy sources, supported by energy-efficient appliances and practices across the lodges.

Sustainability and Responsible Travel​​

Charities Supported Previously

Uplifting Communities with GCU

In 2023, we focused on empowering youth in disadvantaged communities by partnering with Great Commission United (GCU). This collaboration transformed the lives of young individuals in both urban and rural areas.

Mario van Niekerk founded GCU to uplift youth in the Heideveld community. The organization runs comprehensive in-school and after-school programs. These include literacy, sports education, youth employment, community development, and feeding schemes. These initiatives critically support the development of eight schools, significantly benefiting the entire community.

By focusing on these areas, GCU not only enhances educational opportunities but also strengthens community ties and provides essential resources. This effort makes a lasting impact on the lives of many young people.

Feeding the Less Fortunate with Ladles of Love

In 2022, we proudly supported Ladles of Love, a Cape Town-based organisation fighting hunger and providing healthy food options. Our donation of 1,200 meals advanced their mission to feed the hungry via a non-profit network.

Danny founded Ladles of Love as a modest soup kitchen on St. Georges Mall, serving the homeless weekly. Since then, the organization has grown, now reaching hundreds of thousands of vulnerable children and families in the Western Cape and Gauteng regions.

We are honored to back Ladles of Love and their mission to create a better world. Our donation reflects our ongoing commitment to positively impact communities through responsible travel initiatives.

Helping Africa’s Wildlife With The Tourism Conservation Fund

We are committed to responsible travel and conserving South Africa’s wildlife and biodiversity. Accordingly, we supported the Tourism Conservation Fund, a non-profit founded by the Peace Parks Foundation and the Southern Africa Tourism Services Association.

The Fund was created to foster a more inclusive wildlife economy by focusing on communities near conservation areas, traditionally excluded from economic growth. By developing sustainable businesses and jobs in the wildlife-tourism sector, the Fund aims to protect South Africa’s diverse wildlife and enhance biodiversity.

As a tour operator, we recognize the vital link between responsible travel and conservation. Supporting this initiative marked a proud moment in our ongoing effort to positively influence the regions where we operate.

Keeping The Homeless Warm WIth Street Sleeper

We donated 500 vinyl sleeping bags to Street Sleeper, an organization dedicated to supporting the homeless community. Street Sleeper’s innovative approach includes creating durable, sustainably sourced urban survival sleeping bags. These bags are designed to withstand the elements and double as practical daytime packs for belongings.

Street Sleeper was founded to offer practical, sustainable, and dignified solutions to homelessness and has been a beacon of hope and inspiration. We are proud to support their efforts, confident that our contribution has positively impacted many lives.

We continue to advocate for support of Street Sleeper, helping to provide vital assistance to more people in need. Your involvement can significantly enhance responsible care and improve the lives of those affected by homelessness.