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and Certifications



At Safari365, we are proud to be a part of some of the most reputable and respected organisations in the South African tourism industry. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of credibility, stability, and integrity. Our affiliations & certifications means that we are part of the ranks of the big players within the African tourism industry, including transport providers, accommodation providers, tour operators, brokers, and general tourist service providers. We take great pride in our affiliations and accreditations, and we are committed to providing our customers with the very best in South Africa’s tourism industry.


TravelSmartCrew is a 15 member, invitation-only consortium of Africa’s leading Tour Operators. The purpose of TravelSmartCrew is to centralise contracting, management of preferred supplier relationships and commercial agreements. The result is that Safari365 is able to foster unmatched value-ads, exclusive deals and discounts directly for our clients. TravelSmartCrew’s consolidated revenue surpassed ZAR 2 billion  in 2019, and members are required to adhere to the highest code of ethics.


Safari365 is a long-standing member of the South African Tourism and Services Association. SATSA stands for credibility, stability and integrity, representing major players within the tourism industry including transport providers, tour operators, accommodation suppliers, brokers, adventure tourism providers, business tourism providers and tourism services providers.


If the member (Safari365) becomes financially insolvent before the contracted service is provided, the bond, which has an indemnity limit of ZAR 1.5 million, guarantees that the amount will be refunded or the service replaced, with a maximum value of ZAR 300,000 per event or ZAR 75,000 per claim against the insolvent member.

This is a process supported by Lombard Insurance and certain Lloyd’s of London syndicates and administered by SATSA, a Section 21 non-profit company.
Chapter Member – Safari365 Tour Broker
SATSA member no. 1649


SATIB’s seal of approval certifies that Safari365 is insured by Safari & Tourism Insurance Brokers (SATIB) as well as Lloyd’s of London, which comply with the European Community Directive (90/314/EEC) and covers one or more of the following items:

Safari365 policy number 0600928-PI07/2007/0251:
Professional indemnity insurance, ZAR 2 million
General Liability insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London, ZAR 50 million