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Zimbabwe's Wilderness

Embark on a Zimbabwe Safari and witness a land beautifully bouncing back to its former glory as one of Africa’s top safari destinations. After years of restoration and revitalization efforts, Zimbabwe now offers wildlife and wilderness experiences that compete with the best in the region. Explore the majestic Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and venture into Hwange National Park, where elephant herds roam freely across vast savannas.

Zimbabwe’s safari landscape is characterized not only by its rich biodiversity but also by the exceptional quality of its safari guides, which are considered some of the best in Africa. These knowledgeable guides bring the wilderness to life, offering insights into the behaviours and habitats of the diverse species found here. As infrastructure improves, including the near completion of a major international airport at Victoria Falls and well-maintained road networks, Zimbabwe becomes more accessible to international visitors.

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Zimbabwe Safari Regions

The iconic Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park are perfect starting points for first-time visitors on a Zimbabwe Safari. Lake Kariba and Mana Pools offer raw, untouched African experiences for those seeking a more secluded adventure. Each region showcases Zimbabwe’s diverse landscapes and rich wildlife, promising unforgettable safari experiences.

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Embark on tailor-made safaris that showcase the best of Zimbabwe, from legendary wildlife encounters to breathtaking natural phenomena.

What to Experience

In Zimbabwe

From the roar of Victoria Falls to the silence of the bush, Zimbabwe calls.

What to Experience

In Zimbabwe

From the roar of Victoria Falls to the silence of the bush, Zimbabwe calls.

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