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Best Time to Visit
Hwange National Park

Discover the Ideal Season

for Your Hwange Safari

Experience the vast landscapes of Hwange National Park! Here’s how to choose the best time to visit for your safari:

Peak Wildlife Viewing

The dry season (May-October) is ideal. Witness massive elephant herds and diverse wildlife easily at waterholes. Expect larger crowds during this time.

Birding Enthusiasts

The wet season (Nov-April) brings lush landscapes and vibrant birdlife, though wildlife viewing is more challenging.

Beyond the “Best”

Shoulder Seasons: April-May and Oct-Nov offer sunshine, potential wildlife sightings, and often fewer crowds.

Wet Season Adventure: Experienced safari-goers may enjoy the park’s raw beauty and lower prices.

Hwange National Park: When to Visit for You

Focus on Elephants: Dry season for easy viewing of massive herds.

Wildlife & Solitude: Consider shoulder seasons or the wet season’s challenges.

Combining Trips: Align your Hwange visit with the best time for other parks.

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