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Best Time to Visit
Ngorongoro Crater

Find the Ideal Season for Your

Ngorongoro Crater Safari

Ngorongoro Crater offers fantastic wildlife viewing year-round! Here’s how to choose the best time to visit based on your preferences:

Prime Wildlife Viewing

September-October is considered ideal, with ample water but less dense vegetation for easy spotting of diverse animal life.

Great Migration

If witnessing these vast herds alongside crater wildlife is your goal, time your visit for January-February.

Rainy Seasons

The long rains (March-May) offer lush landscapes but less frequent wildlife sightings. The short rains (November) are less intense, with short grasses for good viewing.

Weather & Crowds

Cool Comfort: June-July offer pleasant daytime temperatures, but cold nights on the Crater rim. Expect fewer crowds.

Peak Season: Warmer weather and excellent viewing come with greater crowds in December-February.

When to Visit Ngorongoro Crater Depends on You

Focused on Wildlife: Opt for the dry months when animals gather near water sources.

Love Lush Landscapes: Consider a rainy season visit for a unique experience.

Prefer Fewer Crowds: Shoulder seasons (April-May, November) can be rewarding.

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