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When To Visit
Cape Winelands

Discover the Ideal Season

for Your Winelands Escape

The Cape Winelands offer year-round charm! Here’s a guide to the best time to visit for wine tasting, scenery, and your travel plans:

Summer (November-February)

Enjoy long, warm days perfect for vineyard strolls, al fresco dining, and wine tastings to escape the heat. Expect crowds during peak season.

Autumn (March-May)

Witness the harvest! Watch the vineyards transform with vibrant colors as grapes are picked for future vintages.

Winter (June-August)

Experience cozy Winelands charm. Explore quaint towns, savor gourmet meals by the fireside, and enjoy less crowded wineries.

Spring (September-October)

Lush landscapes come alive! Hike amidst blooming wildflowers and warming temperatures, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

Choosing Your Season

Wine Lover Focus: Any season offers fantastic tastings!
Scenery: Autumn harvest and spring blooms are stunning.
Cozy Escape: Winter offers a unique charm.
Combining Trips: Summer aligns with Cape Town, while winter is best for Kruger safaris.

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