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Best Time to Visit
in Rwanda

Discover the Ideal Season

for Your Rwanda Adventure

Rwanda’s tropical climate offers year-round appeal, but the best time to travel to Rwanda depends on your goals. Here’s what to expect:

Dry Seasons (June-September, December-February)

These are considered ideal for gorilla trekking due to less rain and easier hiking conditions. Expect warmer temperatures and more crowds, especially in peak months.

Rainy Seasons (March-May, October-November)

Experience fewer crowds and potentially find lower prices. Rain often comes in afternoon bursts, leaving sunshine for exploration. Lush landscapes and newborn animals are possible bonuses.

Gorilla Trekking Focus

The dry seasons offer the most reliable conditions for trekking. However, gorilla viewing is still excellent year-round with proper gear.

Beyond Gorillas: Rwanda offers much more!

Birdwatching, cultural experiences, and other wildlife viewing can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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