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Attractions and Highlights
in Rwanda

Gorillas, Vibrant Cities,

& Scenic Lakes

Discover the heart of Africa in Rwanda! Here’s what to do for unforgettable experiences:

Gorilla Encounters

Volcanoes National Park

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime – trekking to see Rwanda’s mountain gorillas in their natural habitat! This park is also ideal for scenic hikes and volcano exploration.

Beyond Gorillas

Kigali: Start your journey in Rwanda’s vibrant capital. Pay respects at the Genocide Memorial, then explore the city’s energy and cultural attractions.

Lake Kivu: Wind down after your trek! Relax on the sandy shores of Lake Kivu in Gisenyi, a charming town bordering the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Rwanda’s Unique Appeal

Remarkable Recovery: This nation’s resilience and progress are an inspiration to all travelers.

Accessible & Safe: Rwanda offers a seamless travel experience and is considered one of Africa’s safest destinations.

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