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Best Time to Visit
in Mozambique

Find the Perfect Season

for Your Mozambique Adventure

Mozambique’s tropical climate offers incredible experiences year-round, but the best time to visit depends on your interests. Here’s a breakdown:

Dry Season (April-September)

 Ideal for beach lovers and wildlife viewing! Expect sunny skies, comfortable temperatures, and excellent ocean conditions for snorkeling and diving. This is peak season, especially July-October.

Wet Season (October-March)

Hot, humid weather with frequent rainfall. Lush landscapes, potential for fewer crowds, and some destinations may offer lower prices. Consider visiting the early or later part of this season for a balance of sunshine and rain.

Beach vs. Safari Focus

If beaches are your priority, the dry season offers optimal conditions. For wildlife-focused safaris, the dry season often means easy animal spotting.

Important Note on Rains

While the wet season can be less crowded, some lodges may have limited operations in January-February due to heavy rains.

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