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Attractions and Highlights
in the Kalahari

Discover the

Unexpected Wonders of the Kalahari

Explore the Kalahari Desert, a surprising haven for wildlife amidst its vast landscapes. Experience unique safari opportunities, far from the well-trodden tourist paths. Discover resilient wildlife species, fascinating landscapes, and a true off-the-beaten-track adventure.

Explore diverse Kalahari attractions like Botswana’s Central Kalahari Game Reserve, the cross-border Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, and the surprisingly lush “Green Kalahari” of South Africa. Each area offers distinct safari adventures with excellent chances to spot antelope, big cats, and incredible birdlife.

While it may be called a desert, the Kalahari is primarily a semi-arid region. Witness the amazing adaptations of plants and animals thriving in these challenging conditions. Discover vast landscapes, stark beauty, and a safari experience unlike any other. If you’ve experienced Africa’s more popular destinations, the Kalahari offers a thrilling new frontier.

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