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Botswana Zebra Migration


The zebra is one of the most eye-popping collisions of black and white in the animal kingdom. 

Riding vigorously off the momentum of other African migrations, the lesser-known Botswana migration is something to behold. Imagine thousands of eye-popping collisions of black and white stretched across the horizon – welcome to  Botswana’s zebra migration.

Forming in the Nxai and Makgadikgadi Panarea, the migration begins when the zebras search for greener grass in the Boteti River before returning. The facts are astounding. Last year National Geographic reported on a groundbreaking study that revealed the zebra migration as the longest land mammal migration – a distance of more than 482 kilometres (300 miles)! 

Keen to join in on the adventure? Here are the dates and best places to stay.


From March to April, over 25,000 migrating zebras move across the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans – arguably the best spot to witness the sceptical. The shimmering white salt pans stretch endlessly into the horizon making for some of the most eerie and gorgeous scenery. An added bonus…when the zebras move, so do the predators. Be prepared for some lion-on-zebra action.

The best place to observe this stage of the migration? Jack’s Camp. “Give them an experience they never knew they wanted” were the words echoed by the late Jack Bousfield (camp founder). Comprising nine character camps and located on an intimate palm island, this camp looks out onto the lush grass and salt pans where the zebra are concentrated during the migratory months.


In September, the Boteti River beckons. This is the furthest south the animals travel thanks to the lush land and water sources. Full of hungry crocodiles, the Boteti River offers the final bit of predator danger for the zebras. November moves them back up north again where they will stay before starting the route again.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Leroo La Tau is the place to be on the Boteti River. Offering 12 luxurious thatched suites, its raised vantage point ensures unsurpassed views. You won’t need to travel very far from here to capture some amazing scenery.

Add Botswana to your safari calendar, contact one of our travel experts who’ll happily help you plan a beautiful getaway.